About Us

Who We Are 

esTuYo grew from the idea that a meaningful and productive health technology platform begins with the People. 

Transforming desired outcomes and market strategies to include underrepresented communities is imperative to a well-rounded successful business and unlocks access to multitudes of data. All of this is achieved through strong relationships and is continually reinforced by empowered communities and business culture. We have worked hard to gather a skilled team of experts with deep capabilities across domains and processes including: Public Health, Health IT, Project Management, Business Analytics, and Information Technology.

We work confidently to assist in educating the underrepresented community while ensuring their voices and needs are heard in the digital healthcare platform. 

Accessible and efficient integrated platform with easy to understand educational materials.
Provide tailored digital health educational and general health material in various languages.
Connect and assess business diversity and marketability towards minorities, to help pinpoint and maximize investments while providing customization as your business demands.
Collect data to assist in furthering research and product development.