Digital Health Education

Future digital health requires more prediction and prevention focused curricula, as well as modes of education delivery that train professionals and patients to use digital health technologies. 

Patient-to-Provider Streamline Service

esTuYo Community serves as the streamline network that connects patients with healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals that are part of the my esTuYo Community Partner Network (eCPN) work closely with the esTuYo team to find the best solutions for patients.

Healthcare Collaboration

The esTuYo Community Partner Network (eCPN) serves as a meeting of the minds of top healthcare professionals that are looking to improve the current state of digital health specifically in underserved communities. 

Public Health Research Consultation

esTuYo has a dedicated research community that studies and analyzes the health trends of underrepresented groups. Researchers collaborate with the esTuyo Edu team and eCPN members to utilize those research findings to implement changes  and introduce better solutions across the healthcare industry.

Corporate Training

Our esTuYo Edu team works closely with our research experts as well as our community partners to create educational content for health corporations seeking to improve how they can improve their interactions and relationships with underrepresented communities.   

Project Management

The esTuyo consulting team works with the top health industry experts to implement and lead digital health projects. Our subject matter experts utilize our research platforms to invent and simplify cutting-edge health industry standards.